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iOS 9.2 Emerging Problems and Issues


In the beginning of this month Apple released iOS 9.2. The upgrade is compatible and similar with iPhone 4s , iPad 2 and iPad 9 and iPad mini Pro.

But mainly this article will be focusing on the issues with the new update of new iOS 9.2 .

Users have complained about the new update which users are facing after downloading the new update, and this was because of the server which was not able to face the sudden downloads.

According to the reports, this issue was the major issue which was continuously there after the update of the iOS 9.2, normally after a week the issues will resolve.

This new update mainly consisted of some bugs issue. Some of the new features are the Top stories section which helps the user in reading the news very easily, and Apple’s user interface is also changed and 3D touch support is also been introduced in this new update. Overall many issues are coming from the users side, which the team is working on the bugs fixes. The problems which are emerging on iOS 9.2 are as follows: –

  • The alarm bug issue is the very issue in this new update, this problem is coming up again and again, as the alarm automatically disables, the way to resolve the problem is to delete the current alarms and set new one, although difficult this easy and simple fix.
  • Some users have reported that while setting the alarm users are facing problems to get on to the screen where the user will able to set the reminder.
  • The other issue is the very serious problem, as the new update it deletes all the songs automatically sometimes, so the user should maintain a back up of songs before updating the iOS 9.2.
  • The other issue from the users which is coming is the battery , the battery is overheating very easily. And the battery is discharging quickly than before after the update.
  • The freezing issue is coming day by day, this is also one of the serious problem, to resolve this problem the user will have to choose the option of device settings and reset all the settings, this will not erase anything, it will be erasing the modified and custom user settings.
  • The last very common problem which is coming is the Finger Print  ID doesn’t works properly, to resolve this problem the user will have to reset the setting and will have to register Fingerprint feature again.

    Overall this new update is more on bugs fixes and issues, there are as such no major improvements in apps. If a user owes an old device than according to me I will suggest you to go with the old one as the old device is working much better with new update. If the user doesn’t wants to take risk with their music, library etc, so go for the old one, new update is creating lot of mess which will frustrate the users.