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iOS 9.3 Update Out For Beta Users – Know The Features


iOS has been one of the most fascinating smartphone based operating systems in recent times. Apple has been working hard on their iOS platform, and the company has achieved much more with it than they had originally imagined.

Apple has been coming out with several updates and upgrades for the same, and has managed to make it one of the most successful operating systems. What is so special about the iOS platform is the fact that it is easy to use.

Anyone from a 5 year old to a 95 year old can use it without any hassles. Apple also keeps updating the iOS frequently. The latest release is the iOS 9, and the latest update has been that of the iOS 9.3

The iOS 9.3, however, at the moment, has only been introduced for beta testers and is yet to arrive for the public at large. Apple has brought in many new improvements with this latest iOS version, which include:

  1. Apple Notes:

Apple Notes are now more secure than ever before! Users of the Apple Notes can now add master-passwords and fingerprint verification in order to access the notes. Apple has realized that they need to add additional security measures to the Apple Notes, and this is one of the best ways to secure it. This was a much needed update and many third party apps already provided it in the past.

  1. Apple News

Apple news was in the news recently because the company had made a major blunder in the back-end, where they were unable to gauge the correct number of readers. This had massive implications as publishers did not know how many people were being served with their ads. Apple admitted to this mistake and said they had ‘no idea’ on the number of readers. The new update brings many improvements to the app, including a landscape view, and the tailored version of the news ‘for you’.

  1. Night Shift

A new feature has been added to the device, which is called the ‘night shift’. Basically, in Night Shift, users will be getting to use the phone in a ‘warmer’ screen. During the night time, the bright lights might hurt the eyes of many users. Considering that in mind, if the night mode is switched on, the users will witness the ‘night mode’ where the theme would be a little warmer and pleasing to the eye.