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iOS 9.3 Wi-Fi Assist Transparency Features


Wi-Fi Assist seemed a good idea before the release of iOS 9.0 and has proved to be a less good idea after arriving in the hands of users. It seems that the Wi-Fi networks have proven to be slower than many 3G or 4G, the operating system switching too frequently on the network data. The fact that Wi-Fi Assist consumes more traffic data than we expected even led to lawsuits in the United States, but Apple wants to solve at least part of the problem in the new iOS 9.3.

The beta version of the new iOS 9.3 update includes a subtle but very effective Wi-Fi Assist function. This option includes the name and odometer that records exactly how much traffic was used using Wi-Fi Assist. This will not prevent the option to take traffic from Wi-Fi and transfer it on 3G / 4G, but will give users a statistic about how much traffic is actually consumed in this way. In case other “losers” consume their traffic data included in their subscription they can’t say they did not know exactly how much has been done over Wi-Fi Assist,  probably they will not be able to call Apple to court for this.

Of course, it is not a perfect solution because you know exactly when to activate Wi-Fi Assist to move traffic from one connection to another. Fortunately, the function can be disabled with a minimum of effort, and those who do not want to risk may simply not use it. iOS 9.3 is expected in the coming weeks, after it is tested extensively by developers and some users.