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iOS vs. Android – Mobile Market Trend Winner


Currently, the mobile market seems to follow a predictable trend. Few can say how big the popularity of Android will be in a few years.

If you are wondering how much will the launches of new devices with more special operating systems affect the popularity of Android devices and iDevices in the future, the answer comes from IDC.

A recent study published by IDC and took over by several publications around the world allows us to have an overview on the mobile market later this decade. Starting from a very careful analysis of the sales in recent years, IDC can provide us with some pretty accurate values on this matter. In 2019 terminals with Android should occupy 82.9% of the market. This increase, which is much smaller than you might think when put in relation to current values, will happen at the expense of the iOS.

Although iPhones will continue to sell at an amazing rate in the next four years, the iDevice’s will occupy only 14.1% of the market. For comparison, consider that at the end of 2015 Android will have 81.2 percent of the market while Apple’s mobile platform will run on 15.8% of the mobile devices around the world.

By turning these percentage values into units sold, the same study confirms that smartphones and tablets manufacturers that run on Android will deliver in 2019 no less than 1.54 billion units. Given that the same value in 2015 is 1.16 billion, it is easy for you to figure out what is direction in which the market is going. Sales of smartphones and tablets that came out of Cupertino will increase from 226 million today to 263.4 million in 2019. Although it seems a remarkable leap for Apple, the percentage is lower than the one recorded by Google’s platform, which is why Apple loses a few percents.