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iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Pro – Best Product to Choose From Apple


Both devices are pretty good products coming from Apple. However, they are quite similar, and everybody can see this, at least in what concerns the design. But let’s run a brief analysis of the two devices.


Both iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro have identical looks. They are both made of aluminum, for example. Moreover, the home button is enjoying the new and much-appreciated feature named Touch ID. Both of them feel really good in your hand and look rather premium, which is excellent for the price you’re paying.


When it comes to display, we have to admit that the Apple iPad Pro has a larger display than the iPad Air 2. The iPad Pro brings a 12.9 inches IPS LCD display, while the iPad Air 2 brings a 9.7 inches one of the same type. Both of them include scratch resistant glass, plus they offer an oleophobic coating that is really practical.

Internal Specs

The Apple iPad Pro model runs on a 2.26 GHz 2-core processor, paired with 4 GB RAM. At the same time, iPad Air 2 presents a 1.5 GHz 3-core CPU, plus 1 GB RAM. Indeed, 2 GB RAM seems to be very little, which leaves the iPad Pro to be dual faster than the Air 2.


Apple advertises the same battery life both for the iPad Pro and the iPad Air 2, which is a maximum of 10 hours of surfing the web. It will last you this much if you also watch videos on Wi-Fi or listen to music. Of course, if you alternate them or use the device for other purposes, then the battery can last less or more.


The iPad Pro costs a little bit more than the iPad Air 2. It starts off at $599 for the base model of 32 GB, while the other device costs $399 for the 64 GB version.


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