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iPad Air 3 – What to Expect From the Third Generation



The next generation of iPad Air from Apple is said to launch in the first quarter of 2016 and there already is a lot of information about it going around on the internet. The rumor that got everyone’s attention is that the 3rd generation of iPad Air will not benefit from the 3D Touch technology that made its debut on the iPhone 6S. This is said to happen because of logistical problems, the components required for this technology to be implemented in the next iPad, are at the moment impossible to assemble and Apple will most likely add this technology later on its tablets.

Regarding the specs of the new generation of tablets, there are not many things that we can say for sure, but it has been noticed a high amount of rumors about the A9X processor, currently installed on the iPad Pro. This processor is one of the best on the market at the moment, bringing Apple among the top tablet manufacturers of the year 2015. Using it on the next tablet will ensure Apple’s success on this segment, making the iPad Air 3 a commercial success, just like its predecessor. Even with specifications at a speculation stage, some of the hardware details of the next tablet have managed to escape and information about it is available on the internet for quite some time. One of the most interesting piece of information available is regarding the display, analysts say that Apple will introduce 4K technology with a resolution of 2.334×3.112 pixels, this will be an important upgrade to the previous version.

Along the aforementioned chipset, A9X, the company will increase the RAM memory of the tablet, rumors saying that it could even get as high as 4GB, this being unfamiliar for Apple who has accustomed us with significantly lower RAM capacities than its competitors. But it seems that this time Apple will do anything in its power to defeat its competition.

Just as in the case of the iPhone 7, rumors say that the company plans to make the device water and dust resistant, following the current market trend.

Even though tablets are not the photographic device of choice for most people, Apple plans to put an eight megapixels sensor on the new device and to make it just as good as the camera currently available on the iPhone 6S.

Through the years Apple has accustomed us with little storage space, the base model of most its devices starting at 16GB, which nowadays is not really enough. Applications are getting larger by the day and the iOS on which the iPads run needs more space with each update, taking this to consideration, a 32GB base version of the tablet would be a significant improvement for the next iPad Air.

The battery capacity is said to be considerably reduced, compared with the previous generation. The iPad Air 2 had a 7,340mAh cell, but why is Apple doing this. The answer is simple, they intent to build the slimmest tablet on the market, with only 5mm in thickness. With reduced battery capacity, comes reduced stamina, but maybe Apple will achieve the same battery life as previous generations via software improvements.

Until the first quarter of the next year we can only hope that the new iPad Air will be a success and the innovations brought to the market by Apple and the new slim design will attract customers in large numbers, just like the previous generations of iPad Air.