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iPad Pro 10.5 Leaks New Bezels and Microphone Improvements


We now have recent rumors about the upcoming iPad Pro, the 10.5 inches version that should be released this year. The renders of the future device have been made public by Benjamin Geskin and they are apparently sourced in China. We have indeed got the chance to see other early versions of the mock-ups, but they did not include a home button. However, the blanks several manufacturers received did indeed omit that.

Rumored Specs

According to the most recent information, the device will enjoy some really slim bezels. It will include a 7 mm one on the side and 19 mm ones on the top and bottom. There are three microphones present on the render, one placed on the upper-center region of the case, while the rest are placed on the top. Moreover, people are expecting the device to contain a quad-speaker audio.


All in all, the device seems to reach 10.3 inches in height and 7.1 inches in width. What sets him apart is the thickness, or rather the thinness, with only 0.25 inches. The 12.9 version of the iPad Pro measures 12 inches in height, 8.68 inches in width and 0.27 inches in thickness. At the same time, the 9.7 inches version, thus the smaller one, is 9.4 inches tall, 0.24 inches thick and only 6.6 inches wide.

Up until now, we had no clue about a smart connector, but if the models that were sent to the case manufacturers did not come with home buttons, most likely they won’t include the Smart Connector either.

Announcement Date

The tech giant might reveal the new version of the iPad Pros on the WWDC 2017 keynote they will be having on June 5. In fact, everybody hopes they will do so, but there is still a possibility they might postpone the entire thing.