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iPad Pro 2017 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 – Battle of the Hybrids


The biggest tablet trend in 2017 seems to be that of 2-in-1 tablets or hybrid tablets that can double up as laptops if you attack a keyboard to them. Two of the stars of this category are the brand new iPad Pro that Apple launched two months ago at the Worldwide Developer Conference, and then of course the 2017 edition of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Unlike the latter, the former is not a line known for being hybrid, but Apple aims to change that and make the iPad Pro the best 2-in-1 tablet of all time. But are they succeeding? Let’s decide together.

Battle of the Hybrids

The most important aspect that needs to be discussed in relation to these two devices in order to establish if one is indeed better than the other is that of specs. Or, to be more exact, specs and hardware. So, without further ado, don’t mind if we do, and let’s jump right in. First and foremost, it needs to be noted that the Microsoft Surface Pro sports a very sturdy Intel Core i5-7300U processor of the Kaby Lake variety, while the iPad Pro has its in-house Appled-made A10X chipset. Both these processors run on 4GB of RAM.

As far as internal storage goes, the Microsoft Surface Pro disappoints a bit with its 128GB, especially when considering that it runs on Windows. On the other hand, the iPad Pro has 256GB of internal storage. The Microsoft Surface Pro is the most expensive of the two, which is another drawback, especially when considering that it has the slightly weaker setup of the two. However, it needs to be noted that the iPad Pro in any of its variants is of no use as a laptop until iOS 11 comes out. And that will happen this fall.