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iPad Pro 2018 Comes Facial Recognition Features


Are you a fan of Apple devices? Do you think that facial recognition is a safe way to protect your privacy from possible intruders? If the answer to these questions is Yes, you will love the new “cookie” which Apple is preparing: an iPad with face ID recognition features. Some voices say that this the revelation brought by iOS 11.3.

Is the device a certain fact?

Although nothing is official and so far you don’t know much about this innovative device, references about an outstanding iPad, updated to modern trends and safety measures, have been made within the code of iOS 11.3 first beta. Another interesting fact is that the up-to-day codename has been used for the first time by Apple, while testing the software for iPhone X. At that time, the idea was daring, since the launch of iPhone X wasn’t even announced.

As in other cases, new devices are held secret by producers, therefore the code of iOS 11.3 doesn’t say anything about the new iPad. All we can say it is that producers are in the process of making it, so it will most definitely become a reality. A famous analyst has launched an idea on how the new device could work and what his new features could be.

The new iPad could bring forward Face ID and Animoji. These features could be applied in the updated iPad Pro high-end range, scheduled for launch towards the last month of 2018. Another innovation is not focusing on the Home button in the running of facial recognition process.

Other expected devices in 2018

Next to the iPad with face ID features, in 2018 technology fans will have other amazing “toys”. One of them is the iPad Pro, device which is expected to come with A11X CPU. Also, you will have the opportunity to update your old devices with modern features. Just follow the news on technology market!