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iPad Pro 3 2018: All We Know So Far – Release Date and Specs


The iPhone X launched last year in September, so Apple is now focusing on making their iPad Pro series better. There are some rumors that point to a next-generation tablet that might be announced in the summer.

A New Design

The iPad 3 2018 will boast a new design and it’s said to come with a Face ID, so it means that it will also have the notch at the top of the display.

All these reports haven’t been confirmed though, so we’ll have to take it with a grain of salt. However, we might see the same changes in iPads as there were with the iPhone series.

There’s a decoded line in a beta update for the iOS 11.3 that pointed to the fact that there will be a different iPad Pro 2018. That line of code states that the update is made for the ‘modern iPad’. This makes us think of a future device since iPhone X was called a ‘modern iPhone’ before getting released.

So, looking back at how the iPhone X was called prior to its release, we’d say that the iPad Pro 2018 will have some hardware specs similar to the iPhone X.

This means that we might see Face ID, very slim bezels on all the sides and the notch at the top of the display to house the sensors for 3D facial recognition.

Unfortunately, the Touch ID on the future tablet might no longer be available, along with the home button. So, app transactions and unlocking the device will probably rely only on facial recognition. We don’t know how much pleased future users will be about not having Touch ID and home button, as there have been some debates so far with the iPhone X too.

We’re just going to have to wait until June and hope that Apple will showcase the iPad Pro 3 2018 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).