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iPhone 5E Launch Still At Bay – When Can It Be Expected?


Users who are real Apple fans went gaga over the discussions over the internet when users spoke of the iPhone coming in a more handy size again.

The iPhone 5E, as it is being labeled, will be only 4 inched in screen size and will fit into the palm easily.

Imagine not having to stretch your fingers all the way to the corner and still not being able to reach what you want.

This is something people are really looking forward to but unfortunately, so far, even the CES 2016 predictions of seeing the phone failed.

Well, there are a very few updates on your dream mini iPhone. This phone will no longer be under the iPhone 6 family but will be a part of the very popular iPhone 5 family, and will usher a new series altogether, the ‘E’ family lineup.

However, certain sites around the globe claim that the phone would be called the iPhone 5 SE, where SE means ‘special edition’.

This means that the phone cannot be termed as a flagship. This does make sense, as after Apple has finally started making its devices larger, a smaller device cannot really be the flag bearer in the arrival of a new family of phones from Apple.

This would also imply that the phone would have to be looked upon as just a special edition phone and that people should not expect a 4 inch phone after every new family.

Other updates include the news that states that the phone will be internally codenamed the N69. The 4 inch iPhone will not have a boxy look like its other iPhone 5 family members but will look more like the iPhone 6 members with round edges.

Apart from this, the phone is said to be a chip of the old block, looking starkly like the iPhone 5 family phones. Of course, Apple has been wise enough to add internal specifications worth liking.

This  again is something that sources are divided in opinions about; while some state that the internal features would be similar to that of the iPhone 6, the others have stated that having this arrangement will make the phone rather expensive, and will cause the device to sell less, so the phones will have lower internal specs like the iPhone 5 series.