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iPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 Are Coming Out on the Ides of March – Know the Details


One of the biggest, most dominating names in the world of technology for quite a long time, Apple has been a true giant in the world of technology.

Whatever the company does becomes a major event in itself. The latest that we hear from the company is that it intends to release new variants of some of their devices.

TheiPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 have been two names which have been making quite a noise online. Apple has been a company which has always believed in innovation powering the devices of the future, and these two are the perfect devices for the immediate future.

Reports have indicated that the latest Apple devices are coming out on the ides of March. 15th of March has been the day when Apple is expected to come out with these two devices.

Here’s what we know about the devices so far:

  1. iPad Air 3

The gen-next iPad Air device is expected to release with several new features – most importantly, the likeliness of the device with the iPad Pro has been observed.

The new iPad Air device has been expected to release with a 4-speaker setup, which was first spotted in the iPad Pro. The iPad Air is also expected to feature an iPad Pro-like smart connector! These details have been observed from the cover case image that was leaked earlier.

The iPad Air 3 is also featuring the flash, and this will be the first such instance of the iPad Air featuring flash.  The device is also expected to feature the 3.55mm port, as a major relief for the users.

  1. iPhone 5SE

The iPhone 5SE is a variant of the iPhone devices, which is not particularly the next-gen device, but a fresh change. The device is expected to release with a smaller, 4 inched screen, and will be running the iOS 9.3 upon release.

The device is expected to come out with 16GB of storage, and would feature a smaller battery, likely to be 1642mAh.

It is also being said that the phone would be based on a design quite similar to the latest generation of iPhone devices.

However, unlike the latest devices, the iPhone 5SE (SE=Special Edition) will not be featuring the 3D touch and the live photos feature.

More details are expected to come out as the release date approaches.