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iPhone 5SE, iPhone 7 expected to release in 2016


Apple has been a company which has always been ranked among some of the ‘giants’ in the world of technology.

The company, along with Microsoft and Google is ranked among the top of the world of technology. The company has brought in a major innovation in the way we see products and product design.

Apple has introduced three devices which have turned the markets upside down – the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod. In the year 2016 the company is all set to launch two new devices:

  1. iPhone 5SE

Known across the world of technology with various speculated names, what is now known as the iPhone 5SE is expected to release in the month of March. The device is also expected to be called the 5E, 6C or the 7C.

There have been several speculations over the name, but what remains constant about this device is the fact that the company is expected to release this as a 4-inched device.

This device is expected to feature the A9 processor, and will likely be coming out with more or less the same specs as the latest generation of iPhone 6s devices.

However the one major difference would be the lack of 3D touch. The device is expected to feature a 1642mAh battery.

  1. iPhone 7

The gen-next iPhone device, the iPhone 7 is all set to release in September of the year. The device is expected to bring out a few major changes, such as the introduction of a self-healing technology, where the iPhone would be able to detect any problems it might be facing and heal it by itself.

The company has also filed patents for a dual-camera system, where both the cameras would be catching images in two different focal lengths. This patent would also bring in a better zoom in the iPhones.

Another major change that is expected to be a part of the iPhone 7 is the fact that it will be doing away with the 3.5mm jack, and will be bringing in music via the lightning port.

Basically, charging as well as music would be controlled from the same port. The company is also introducing wireless earplugs which are expected to roll out this year.

Wireless music is expected to be the major trend Apple intends to bring around. Doing away with the 3.5mm port will also help the iPhones slim down by as much as 1mm.

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