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iPhone 6C Or iPhone 6S Mini? Apple’s Next 4 Incher Leaks Flood The Internet


When the internet started calling the iPhone 6c the iPhone 6S mini, I immediately knew that the device was going to take us on a roller coaster ride once again.

Thanks to Apple and its perpetually tight lipped product policy, the users around the world are always in a confusion as to which rumor to take seriously.

As for me, rounding up rumors for this device under the name of the iPhone 6c had been more at home – now visualizing and ‘iPhone 6S mini’ is a different experience altogether.

Well if that is what it is to be called then so be it, I’ll move with the tide.

The newest news around the world concerning the iPhone 6S mini (still not very comfortable saying it, though) will be rounded up regularly on News4c for you to follow.

We will cut the exaggerated ones out and give you the ones that sound most plausible, so that when the device is released finally, it is completely what we had spoken about here(well, almost).

Remember, there was a Chinese site that spoke of a smartphone production roadmap for China in 2016? Yes, its MyDrivers.

The website has been bold enough to release another set of specs, this time, exact figures.

According to the MyDrivers website, the new iPhone  will be a device with an A9 chipset, 2GB RAM, 1642mAh battery and a 4 inch screen with 1136×640 pixels per inch resolution. OLED or LCD or Sapphire glass, nothing is clear.

But if you consider the fact that Apple will want to make it a budget device, then Sapphire is ruled out and OLED is too early to introduce; we think the iPhone 7S in 2017 might be the right platform to try this feature.

We are left with LCD and that might be the best option right now to produce the phone well in time for launch in Q1 of 2016.

The device is also expected to have a better performance in terms of retaining battery power, not just because the screen is small, but also because of the iOS latest version that is great at battery management.

Other important features that have been disclosed is the use of the 2.5Ds glass that will make the outer look similar to what the iPhone 6S and the plus variant have been using.

No doubt, the device will be pricier than the iPhone 5S and will be priced approximately at $615 for its 16 GB version.

More will be disclosed soon, stay tuned!