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iPhone 6S in Just $1 Bring it At Your Home This weekend


Its Apple iPhone 6s on sale for just $1, consumers who love shopping at Best Buy or at the retail online store will find that they are selling the 16GB iPhone 6s for just $1. The 16GB model can of users, if they sign a contract with Verizon or Sprint of 2 years.

According to the Best Buy, the deal is till Sunday December 20th both at store and as well as online, only on Apple iPhone 16GB 6s model, rest all the models are at regular price and one more good news from Best Buy is, it is also offering $200 Gift card if a user buy iPhone 5 or new models like 6 and 6S.

According to the contract, there is no discount offered on iPhone 6s model which comes at $399.99. The $1 offer applies on all the four colors of iPhone 6s which are gold, silver, Rose gold and space gray and on the other hand for iPhone 6, Space Gray is the only color.

According to the reports, this offer of best buy, selling iPhone 6s for $1 is the strategy by the company to battle with other retailers and also to attract customers on coming of Christmas by providing various delas on other products too.

Indeed, this style of best buy may be working very well, earlier this month they have announced that they would offer $100 discount as well on Apple Watches. According to the reports, they are doing just to deplete the stock of Apple watches, as Apple is announcing its new generation watch in coming March 2016.

On the other hand, Verizon is also following Best Buy, as they have announced in their website that, if a user buy an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, will be able to take away double memory for free, like for an example a user who buy a 64GB iPhone 6s will be able to take away 128GB model for the same price as the 16GB model.

Overall it will be good weekend to be an Apple fan for sure.