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iPhone 6S was the top Gadget of the Year


“Apple” is itself a brand name, the phones which Apple has launched till time, are masterpieces with so many features that they can’t be compared with other devices.

The company has a chain of stores which are known as Apple Stores.

Apple is also the manufacturer of personal computer, ipod players, iPad mini, etc. Apple is one of the most dominating company all over the world and the users love to use the products of Apple.

According to the volume of the Google searches, iphone 6S is the most interesting phone of 2015, Google’s Nexus 6P is the flagship smartphone which is ninth on the list, it’s not that surprising as Apple phones are remarkably best phones of the year and people really wants to know, what is going to be  next from Apple? Or what will be the best features coming in the next model.

The users comes up with many rumors this year also as same as previous years which normally people do, about the next launch, like when will the next launch from Apple, and there were also rumors this year about the screen which will be coming up some different than the old models, and the rumors were correct as Apple launched a 3D touch display screen.

Then there were rumors about the camera, that the camera will be coming up in 3D dual camera, everything was wrong, Apple just changed from 8megapixels to 12 megapixels camera, which takes such beautiful pictures that people would love to click it with also a great feature known as Live Photos, which captures in seconds before and after the shot, so that whenever the user wants to visit beautiful moments, they can see it in a more good way.

According to the reports, there were also some rumors about the metal which was to be put in the new iPhone 6S, because in past there were some bend issues with the iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6S is pretty hard to bend. Interests and Google searches were very much high from the month of July according to the reports.

So let’s wait for another next year, Will apple be again on the top list of 2016.