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iPhone 7: Powerpacked New Feature, Have Longer Battery Life


Rumour suggests next Apple iPhone can have a bigger, 3,100mAh battery – and a 256GB storage possibility.

The iPhone 7 could go together with a bigger, 3,100mAh battery, a brand new rumour suggests. The larger battery can offer users longer between charges – if they purchase the ‘Plus’ version of the smartphone.

The claim comes from Chinese website My Drivers. According to the Tech news has seen a translation of its story and says the news is purported to come back from “sources in Apple’s supply chain”.

When they are released later this year, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus are going to be out there within the same 4.7 and 5.5-inch sizes as the 6 and 6s phones, say the sources – however the phones are going to be terribly totally different internally.

As well because the supposed larger battery, My Drivers says the iPhone7 Plus and going to be out there with 256GB of memory.

This will be music to the ears of a number of Apple’s critics who are annoyed by the tech giant’s insistence on providing phones with a hardscrabble 16GB to stay the value of the handsets low. At the highest of the vary, 128GB phones are out there – however nothing larger.

Apple Insider, however, isn’t convinced by this second rumour, speech communication the small print sound “implausible”. The positioning thinks it’s unlikely that Apple would provide totally different capability on the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus.

“Apple launched iPhone 6 and 6Plus and in 2014 with identical specs,” says Apple business executive. Similar was true of the 6s and 6s Plus. In each releases, the phones were positioned as “two basically equal models” of various sizes.

To offer a lot of storage solely on the Plus may well be “out of line with previous generations” – however the positioning conjointly notes that the iPhone 6 contains a larger battery than the quality model was able to accommodate.

Alphr notes that the rumours suggesting a 12.7 per cent increase within the iPhone’s battery capability may not essentially translate into an outsized increase in battery life.

On the one hand, will increase in processor potency and a decrease within the energy needs of the new software system might offer the iPhone 7 an excellent larger power boost, however it’s conjointly doable that the new parts and internals on consequent Apple handset can be a lot of power hungry, and battery life might keep a similar or maybe diminish.

The website is additionally not convinced by the legitimacy of My Drivers, the positioning accountable for the leak, speech communication it “doesn’t have the most effective chronicle once it involves rumours.”

What a bigger battery means that in terms of the look of consequent iPhone is unclear. Rumours recommend that the iPhone 7 are going to be even thinner than the 6 models, and Apple historically makes new versions of their product slimmer over increasing their size to deal with larger batteries.

Whether this suggests Apple will squeeze an even bigger battery into a slimmer case or not remains to be seen, although some publications, like The Independent, believe this suggests the future iPhone “would be probably to expand.”