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iPhone 7 – 256GB of Storage, And More New Rumors


A Chinese report has suggested some major changes in the latest rumored iPhone 7 Plus. The report suggests that the phone will consist a larger battery and storage space if compared to iPhone 6s Plus.

MyDrivers is the Chinese website that has been behind all the latest rumors about the unannounced phone.

According to MyDrivers the Chinese website behind the rumors, iPhone 7 Plus will come out with a 256 GB inbuilt storage capacity which will be expandable. The report by the Chinese website does not confirm that if Apple will release a 128 GB model which has come out consistently by Apple or will they completely get rid of the 128 GB storage variants all together.

The report by the Chinese website MyDrivers also suggested that the upcoming unannounced smartphone by Apple will also have a larger battery than the most recent iPhone 6s Plus. The battery size of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus is determined to be 3100 mAh by the website. If the rumors by the Chinese website is anything to go by than the battery on iPhone 7 Plus will be larger from iPhone 6s Plus by the margin of 350 mAh knowing that the battery of iPhone 6s Plus is 2750 mAh.

Based on earlier rumors by other reliable sources, the unannounced iPhone 7 Plus will hopefully feature a multi – touch 3D which the company is said to be working on. Apple are tipped to be getting rid of the Lightning connector and introducing a USB Type – C port. Apple are also looking to include some features like Dual camera sensors and an in – display fingerprint recognition software as well. iPhone_7_illustration_Yasser_Farahi_1000e

Another iPhone product which is rich in speculations appears to be the iPhone 6C. In the 4 – inched market Apple currentls stands with the iPhone 5s. the 5s is getting older by the day and won’t last very long in the tight market with the likes of Moto G and Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 released in the 4 – inched category. These smartphones are said to be better at performance when compared to Apples representative in the 4 – inched division. It is still undetermined if the iPhone 6C will be released or Apple will let go of the 4 – inched market which is very big and lucrative.

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