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iPhone 7 – All that we know about the gen-next iPhone


Apple has been a company which has changed our very perspective on the way we view products to be.

The company, with the release of just three products has been changing the way we look at the markets of technology.

The iPad, iPod and iPhone have changed our very perspective in the world of product design. Apple has been working hard on the next generation of iPhone devices.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced at the Apple Keynote in September of the year, and is expected to feature some of the biggest features, such as –

  1. Wireless Music

The highlight of several news stories surrounding Apple off late, the wireless music services are expected to be a part of the gen-next Apple products. The company is expected to bid goodbye to the 3.5mm port, as that will help them slim down the device by up to 1mm. The company is now expected to introduce wireless earpods which will also play hi-res music from Apple  Music.

  1. Self Healing

The technology Apple is expected to introduce in the gen-next iPhones has been spotted in various patent documents already. The company is expected to introduce smart, self-aware devices, which can identify what is wrong with them on their own. The devices will enter into self-diagnostic mode, and will ‘heal’ while the users sleep.

  1. Dual Cameras

Apple might be planning on adding an extra camera to the back of the device. One camera would capture the picture in its entirety, while the other camera will focus more on a particular area on the image, making it clearer upon zooming. The company has also filed patents for the same.

  1. Wireless Charging

Something that has been around the markets as a popular rumour ever since the iPhone 6 and 6 plus came out, Apple is still working on the wireless charging technology, and reportedly, the wireless chargers would be able to charge more than one Apple device at the same time.

  1. Li Fi

The next logical move after the Wi Fi technology. Lines of code regarding the Li Fi, which emits data on the basis of visible light communication technologies, is expected to be much faster than the Wi Fi technologies, and has been found in the code of iOS 9.1. Apple is expected to be testing this technology with their existing devices secretly, so that the new age devices can come equipped with this.