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iPhone 7 discount offers for Verizon and Sprint


It hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen the launch of the 3.5 mm audio jack-less iPhone 7 and you’re probably wondering if you can buy the device from your carrier. Well, as it turns out, the four biggest US carriers already have it on sale.

These carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are going for a replacement plan for their users which implies trading a working iPhone 6, 6 Plus or 6s that is in good condition for a brand new iPhone 7. The thing is that the working iPhone 6 model has to be evaluated by Apple and determine if it’s worth $649 – which is also the price of the iPhone 7.

In AT&T’s case, users also have to have a good-qualified credit for the AT&T Next or the AT&T Next Every Year plans in order to qualify for the trade-in.

Verizon is also accepting any working iPhone 5, 5s, 5c or SE that can be valued at $400 and the buyer will have to pay the difference. However, all of these deals are temporary and you should get them as soon as possible if you’re interested in them.

Sprint’s trade-in offer also includes bringing in a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge device if users don’t have a new iPhone and would like to switch from Samsung Galaxy devices to iPhones.

According to Apple representatives, the new iPhone features will definitely convince the existing iPhone users to upgrade. They also mentioned that there will be radical changes made to each generation of iPhones that will make them thinner and thinner. And we got to see this policy in action when the MacBook Air came out in 2008 which was considered to be the thinnest laptop in the world at the time.

Now, there are many offers from all of these carriers and it’s up to you to decide which one suits your resources and needs.


  1. So AT&T plan is not available for everyone?
    only for people who are also subscribed to DirecTV or U-verse?

  2. So, this may seem dumb, but I can’t find anywhere on T-mobile’s offer page that mentions the condition of the device you trade in. It doesn’t even say it has to be functioning. The article above says cracked screens are no good. I have a cracked screen on a 5s that is otherwise fine. Can someone point me to where the policy is?

  3. You can trade in the 5s, but you’ll get less for it. The cracked screen is going to be nigh worthless.

    You can go through the process like you were actually doing it, and you’ll see that it is a regular old trade in. They give you an estimate on what you’ll get for a phone in good condition and drop it for poor conditi

  4. According to the promotion’s legalese, “All trade-in devices must be fully-owned (paid in full) and meet T-Mobile trade-in requirements.” Those requirements, at the very least, require a functioning, unlocked phone. They may honor the deal for a functioning, unlocked and cracked phone, but my gut tells me they won’t. Couldn’t hurt to ask though.

  5. Does anyone have a good breakdown of the cost of Apple’s yearly upgrades versus the Carriers’ plans? I am a Verizon user whose contract is about to expire and I’m not sure which way to turn…

  6. AT&T’s is essentially a 30 month contract. Only a good deal if you’re staying the whole time. Even staying just a year is a bad deal unless you have a 16gb iPhone 6 to trade in.

  7. I’m currently already on the iPhone 6S payment plan. With this promo, I should pay my $438 payoff and trade it back in to Verizon for $650? Am I missing something here.

  8. I’m stuck on the endless loop of AT&T 2 year contracts. Those suckers don’t drop their monthly rates even after 2 years – the price I pay for a truly unlimited data grandfathered contract :disappointed:

  9. Financially it’s not really a problem. Essentially they give you something close to a $450 subsidy on a new phone that you then pay pack a higher monthly rate (about $20 higher than it would be with an off-contract phone.) It’s really just a 24-month payment plan with a $100-$300 down if you do the math. The bonus is that you keep unlimited (if it really is.) The downside is that your window to switch carriers only comes up every 24 months. Also you HAVE to upgrade every two years otherwise you’re throwing away $20 per month by not upgrading (because they don’t lower your off-contract rate, you’re essentially making payments on a paid-off phone.)

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