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iPhone 7 – Expected Features, Leaks, and More


Apple has been a true giant in the world of technology, and the company has been coming out with a large number of devices off late.

The company has released several iconic phones and tablets, among other devices, which have changed our very perspective of the gadgets as we know them.

Apple’s contribution has been in changing the very aesthetics of the world of technology.

The company has been working on their gen-next of iPhones and iPad devices off late, and there have been various speculations that surround these devices.

There have been various sources which have been quoting various new developments in the world of Apple devices, and here’s a round-up of the same:

  1. 32GB Base Model:

It is now expected that Apple is going to do away with the 16GB variant of the iPhone, and the company is going to start off with devices that start with 32GB of storage space as their base model.

With video quality getting better and better with every passing day on the camera of the device, the users need a large space to store them too! The 32GB variant would not be just enough, but certainly more than the 16GB version!

  1. Self-Healing Technology

As per various recent leaks, and new patents emerging, Apple intends to introduce self-healing iPhones in the future, which know the problems the devices are going through by entering into a diagnostic mode.

The devices can identify problems like dead pixels and water in the device and can heal themselves during the periods of inactivity.

  1. Waterproofing

Apple is expected to release their gen-next iPhones with a waterproof technology, not permitting the water to get inside and cause damage.

Water based damage is one of the biggest reasons of smartphones getting damaged, and Apple will not let the iPhone suffer because of this anymore! It is being anticipated that the iPhone 7 and various other devices from now on will come certified with IP67 waterproofing.

  1. Dual Cameras

Dual Cameras are also being anticipated from the iPhone 7 and various other gen-next Apple devices.

This has been spotted in more patent leaks over the last few weeks. The cameras are expected to provide different focal lengths, and will be coming out with a better zoom too, which does not distort the image when zoomed to a greater depth.

What are your expectations from the iPhone 7?  Comment below and let us know: