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iPhone 7 is Not All Apple Has To Offer In 2016 – iPad Air 3 Might Also Be Released


With such a lot going on over the internet surrounding iPhones only, there is very little focus being laid on the other devices that Apple is expected to offer in 2016.

We are forgetting the fact that the iPad Air 3 might also make a debut in 2016.

2015 was a year that was marked with the release of iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S+ and finally, the iPad Pro. .

Launched as a direct competitor to the Microsoft surface tablet, the iPad Pro was a giant amongst the others in the iPad family.

It was probably this very large 12 inch iPad that overshadowed the launch of other iPads, further causing the devices not to see a release.

But it is time now that we welcome the new iPad and if the speculation is correct, we may see some concrete information latest by the first quarter of 2016, or at least something by the time the WWDC is held.

Apple has like always, been tight lipped about the developments.

No mention was made of the device, and the analysts who study the market to gauge if it is the right time for Apple to launch any of its new products also preferred not to visit the subject at that time.

Analysts not talking about a device is a clear indication that there was nothing in the labs regarding this and their words, or lack of them, have to be trusted.

It is strange why Apple chose not to release the device or even plan not to go ahead with the iPad Air 3.

The company might be well aware of the fact that a device like this will not sell at this point of time.

On the negative side, Apple may choose not to produce this product in 2016 at all if the market does not seem to improve for it.

The market for Apple products so far has remained quite good and sales have always been satisfactory.

But apple shying away from the production of a certain device is also responsible for some rumors to be sparked, pointing at the possibility of a failing market for certain devices.

We are still noticing a major focus on the iPhones, particularly the iPhone 6c in the earlier days of 2016 and the iPhone 7, which will stick to its normal release time between September and October each year.