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iPhone 7: Latest Market Speculations


It has been some time since the rumors about the next addition in the iPhone family has been going on. In the latest rumors a Taiwanese site Apple Club has come forward with some images of the first parts of the next iPhone. The images show the backlight and the screen of this new smartphone by Apple.

While these leaked images might not determine much about the specs of the upcoming iPhone but what it determines is that Apple will not yet shift to OLED screens for the upcoming iPhone. There have been rumors since a long time about Apple to make the switch to OLED screen, but when it will happen is not yet known. OLED screens are proved to be more power-efficient, contain more contrast and are already present in the Apple Watch.

In other rumors it is speculated that in iPhone 7, Apple is getting rid of its trademark 3.5 mm headphone jack.

9to5Mac reports that Apple is working on a new technology which is wireless EarPods. This is said to be the first technology in which Apple is collaborating with Beats. The EarPods will be Bluetooth based, what’s more astonishing is these EarPods are said to be completely wireless that implies the new ear phones won’t even have a chord to connect the left earbud to the right. This implies that both the earbus will have twin wireless chips and batteries for each earbud.

These wireless EarPods will feature a noise-cancelling microphone system it will also feature Siri voice support and enable voice calls without a remote or even a chord for that matter. In addition 9to5Mac says that EarPods might even have a button for the voice calls and activating Siri. It is also rumored that the EarPods will come in different sizes in order to accommodate different ear sizes and types. iPhone 7 Rumors

The bad news is that EarPods will not come standard with the iPhone 7, it is rumored by 9to5Mac that Apple will be looking to sell EarPods as a premium alternative to the cheaper and chorded EarPods. We expect these brand new EarPods to come in the range of $ 300 and $ 200.

The EarPods are tipped to come with a carriying case which will also be a charger, whenever the Pods will be kept in the case they will charge automatically. In order to accomplish this, Apple had to reportedly get rid of mini – USB charging port.

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