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iPhone 7 Latest Rumors in the Air – Know the Details


Apple has been a company which has dominated the Smartphone market for quite a while now.

The company’s status and standards are very high and it is considered the best smartphone manufacturing company of the world.

The rumors about the next addition to the iPhone family started as soon as iPhone 6 was launched.

Some of the popular speculations around the iPhone 7 are as follows:

MyDrivers, a Chinese website went to claim that iPhone 7 is going to have a bigger storage and a long-lasting battery than that of iPhone 6.

The Chinese website has claimed that the next iPhone by Apple will come out with 256 GB as inbuilt storage which will be expandable through a microSD memory card.

It is unclear by the website if Apple will all together get rid of the traditional 128 GB variant or not.

The battery of the next iPhone is said to be around 3100 mAh which will be bigger than the previous smartphones by Apple.

Apple is also rumored to be working on multi – touch 3D feature and are said to be looking to include it in the upcoming iPhone.

More so, Apple is tipped to feature a USB Type – C port, an in – display fingerprint recognition software and Dual – Camera sensors too.

The first ever pictures of the hardware being used to build the next iPhone has been leaked by a Taiwanese website, Apple Club.

The leaked pictures by Apple Club seem to be of the screen and the backlight. Apple was rumored to make the switch to OLED screens soon but the leaked pictures suggests otherwise.

The leaked picture of the screen which is arguably being used in the next iPhone suggest that Apple will not make the switch to OLED screens which are proved to have more contrast and be more power – efficient.

In other rumors Apple are said to be making their first major hardware with Beats.

It is said the companies are working on earphones which will be totally wireless, which implies no microphone or the answering button.

But it is said the EarPods will feature noise cancelling microphone system, Sirivoice support and voice calling.

Both the ear buds will have their own chipset and batteries. The carrying case will be the charger and they will be sold separately as a premium alternative to the corded microphones.

These will cost you around $200 to $300.

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