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iPhone 7 Latest Speculations Surrounding : New EarPods and More


There have been a lot of rumors going around about the up – coming iPhone. We bring you some of the most interesting and reliable ones.

The reason behind Apple getting rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is EarPods. According to 9to5Mac, EarPods are the latest in the hardware development by Apple which will be powered by Beats.

EarPods are said to be the first major hardware product collaboration between Apple and Beats.

EarPods are said to be completely wireless, meaning there won’t even be a cord connecting the left earbud to the right earbud. The EarPods will reportedly feature noise-cancelling microphone system, voice calling and Siri voice support, all this without the cord for a built – in mic or a remote.

According to 9to5Mac, EarPods will have a button to answer calls and activate Siri voice support. It is also rumored that Apple are making EarPods in different – sized sleeves for all type of ears.

9to5Mac has further claimed that the futuristic EarPods will not come standard with the iPhone, instead will be sold separately as a premium alternative to the earphones with cords. It is considered that EarPods will cost in the range of $ 200 and $ 300. The new EarPods will come with a carrying case.

This carrying case will also play the role of a rechargeable battery which will charge the EarPods when kept in it.

It is further said that EarPods will come with a twin chipset and individual batteries, the battery life is expected to be around four hours. The EarPods are expected to be launched beside the iPhone 7 in the fall.

In a further leak, a Taiwanese website, Apple Club, has leaked arguably the first pictures of hardware of the up – coming iPhone. In the leaked images we can see the screen and the backlight.

The leaked images do not show much about the design or any features of the up-coming iPhone but they do hint that Apple will not be making the switch to OLED screens in their next iPhone.though, Apple has been widely rumored to eventually make the switch to OLED screens, but it is yet undetermined when the company is set to do it.

OLED screens are already proven to be more power – efficient and have more contrast. Apple is already using OLED screen for its Apple Watch so it is about time that the company will make the switch.

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