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iPhone 7 May Come With Exceptional Speakers For Wonderful Sound


Everything we know about the iPhone 7 is slowly becoming even more well defined as days pass by. What started off with just design specs is now becoming even more intricate in terms of detailing.

The iPhone 7, according to one of the most reliable information sources about Apple, namely 9to5Mac, will come with some really good speakers for enhanced sound quality.

This was so confidently claimed by the source as it seems like Apple has filed new patents yet again.

According to the iPhone 7 rumors, the patent filed by Apple shows that the company might carry over the attractive speakers from the iPad Pro to the new iPhone.

The patent, according to 9to5Mac was a very detailed explanation of what the company actually intended to use on the iPhone7.

The speakers would come with technology that would enable it to work perfectly for slim devices, particularly when they need to be fit into a crammed space and expected to produce very high sound output.

The patent also lays stress on the fact that the technology should not just aim at becoming smaller or slimmer, but should also aim to achieve design perfection without having to compromise on quality.

The company intends to do this by the creation of an audio chamber between the outer casing, opening and the electronic substrate that is flexible. It is with these properties that the audio element will be mounted or coupled.

In simple words, this is nothing but a move to create audio chambers for free flow of sound from the speaker, through the opening and outside.

For Apple, this would not be anything new as they have already made use of this feature in Apple’s iPad Pro.

Well this is not all that Apple is up to. Apparently, for the iPhone, the slim features would come at the cost of a missing headset jack.

The Dr. Dre beats head set range has been rumored to start with the creation of Wireless headsets for the iPhone, which would definitely not be cheap and are reportedly, going to be compatible with the iPhone 7.

However, these wireless headphones would have to be a separate purchase for you, as Apple will not sell them in the same kit as the iPhone 7.

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