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iPhone 7 May Come With Wireless Headphones


The highly rumored apple iPhone 7 was mentioned to be coming in ultra slim form which required some major changes to be made on the design of the phone and the way internal components were to be placed.

This required the headphone jack to be removed completely and to be made synchronous with the lightening port.

However recent developments in the rumors over the internet has expressed that the next iphone might work on a completely new level in delivering perfect audio for audiophiles.

Rumors have stated that the Cupertino giant might be in the process of creating wireless headphones for iPhone 7. These headphones would be from Dr. Dre’s  beats headphones.

These headphones would be able to connect to the new iphone with a Bluetooth. No cords would feature on the device at all and they would be in an ear bud form.

This beats headphone will not just help you to listen to music. You will also be able to receive calls and provide instructions to Siri.

Reports point to the probable fact that this headset might be an independent accessory.

It will not ship with the iPhone 7. The price of this headset is still under discussion.

It would definitely be on higher side because beats is a premium brand and will not cost the same as other wireless headphones. Contemporary wireless headsets like Bragi Dash are priced at $300 only.

They are compatible with iphones and might be the biggest competitor for the beats headset.

As of now of course there has been no concrete evidence of what features the iPhone 7 would have as the company generally remains tight lipped about its future creations but some reliable sources like 9to5Mac can come up with some reports which can be trusted.

Just to do quick round up of the iPhone 7 rumors, we can say that the device will a very slim one. It will feature an OLED or LCD screen and will also try to bring fast wireless charging features.

The battery of the phone is expected to be strong and it will be made stronger with the help of the IOS ten’s battery management capacity.

To provide raw power for performance the phone would feature and A10 processor and the RAM could vary between 2 to 4 GB.

The internal memory of these phones could be 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB.

The device might be launch sometime around September 2016.