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iPhone 7 Release Date with Li-Fi Technology


Remember Li-FI, we’ve seen talks about it a few months ago, it is the technology that allows data-transfer with speeds of up to 100% faster than Wi-Fi radio waves, through the light spectrum. Well, a line of code from the iOS suggest that Apple might be looking into it for its future devices and as a farfetched speculation we could hope that it would come on the market on the new iPhone 7.

Li-Fi is said to be the Wi-Fi of the future, using light waves to transmit data, it could reach speeds of up to 7 gigabits per second and in tests has transmitted data up to 100 GB/s, with a theoretical maximum speed of 224 GB/s. By looking at those numbers you can see why this technology is so important, you could download a full-length BlueRay movie in a matter of seconds. Also, another good thing that was emphasized when the technology has appeared is that it could turn every light bulb into a Li-Fi router.

The only drawback of this technology is that light can’t pass through solid materials, thus limiting the area of action of two devices connected via Li-Fi to the area in which both devices are in sight. This could be used as an advantage when we are talking about secured networks, a Li-Fi network will be unreachable outside a confined room.

As in whether we will see this technology on iPhone 7, this is highly unlikely. It is true that Apple has fled a patent in 2013 regarding such a sensor and tests have been made by other companies also. But at this moment this technology would be a little to advanced, considering the absolute lack of Li-Fi devices on the market at this point.

Even so, researchers have stated that this technology will be available to the public somewhere around the end of this decade, with tests still underway. It looks like is more likely to have a Li-Fi connection with the launch of the iPhone 9, rather than having it in the autumn when the next iPhone is said to be launched.