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iPhone 7 Rumors – A Better OLED Screen Could Be In the List Of Improvements


The iPhone 7 rumors are everywhere on the internet now.

As promised, News4C has again tried to do a roundup of all the rumors on the web so far, this time on the screen of the next iPhone.

Before we start the discussion on the iPhone7 screen, let us do a quick recap of what we have been able to gather about the phone in all these days, in case you have not been following our website before.

The iPhone 7 may be preceded by the iPhone 6c, which would be a 4 inch screen device, having a plastic or metal body and fit with an A9 processor chip.

It would come with the latest iOS version installed and would be much cheaper than the current iPhone 6S range.

We can expect some positive discussions in the WWDC or the Mobile world congress, depending on how soon the device can be ready.

The stipulated delivery is around the first quarter of 2016.

Around the month of September or October, we would be able to get a full glimpse of the next iPhone, which should be the iPhone7 and the iPhone7+.

The device would be made of aluminum, and would be slimmer than the iPhone 6S.

The current iPhone is thicker than its predecessor, but Apple is trying to get back into the slimming trend.

For this, now the company might do away with the 3.5mm jack for the headphone altogether and allow users to connect the headphone with the lightening port instead.

Many sources have suggested that the next iPhone may have a USB Type C port instead of the lightening port, but it might be too early to discard this technology.

The battery will be stronger and may support quick charging. Apple pay will be supported as usual.

Now, turning our attention to the screen; we wrote a few days ago that an insider from the company that manufactures screens for Apple, Samsung and LG confirmed that the Cupertino giant had “invested heavily in OLED screens” which would be a better hardware change for the device.

This would mean that the images would be much better, with the blacks looking blacker and the vivid colors casting a better effect on the sharper than usual images.

This could be a very possible change for Apple as the Apple watch is already using a OLED screen.