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iPhone 7 Rumors – Take a Look


There have been some major rumors about the next big iPhone. Apple is looking to change a lot of things by the look of how the rumors are rounding up.

Apple Club, a Taiwanese website has apparently gone on and leaked the first two photographs of the hardware which is arguably going to be used in iPhone 7. The images show a screen and a flash light.

There is not much we can deduct from the screen but we can be sure if the images are true thatn Apple will not be making the switch to OLED screens. OLED screens are already in use in the Apple watch and they are proven to be more power efficient and strong. Apple was hugely anticipated to make the switch but the leaked images shows otherwise.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is developing its first major hardware with Beats, the companies are said to be working on EarPods. EarPods will be wireless, remoteless earphones. There won’t be any kind of cord connecting the earbuds to either the smartphone or to each other.

Both the earbuds will contain an individual twin chipset and individual batteries. The carrying case in which the EarPods will come will also act as a portable chargeable charger.

The Earbuds will not come within the iPhone 7 standard but will be launched as a premium alternative to those earphones with cords.

MyDrivers, a Chinese website claims that iPhone 7 will launch in a 256 GB inbuilt storage variant. It is not confirmed if Apple will look to get rid of the 128 GB variant or not.

The battery is also being described as better that iPhone 6s Plus when compared. iPhone 7 is tipped by MyDrivers to come with 3100mAh battery which will be bigger than iPhone 6s Plus which is 2750mAh.

Other rumors indicate some of the features that iPhone 7 might carry, those features are, multi – touch 3D, USB Type-C port, Dual-camera sensors and an in – display fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 6C is yet another Apple product which is turning the rumor mill. It is said that Apple would not do the mistake of leaving the-inched market and are coming up with the successor for the iPhone 5s. It is yet unclear if Apple will charge highly just because they can or they will keep their prices moderate in order to compete with other 4-inched phones in the market.

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