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iPhone 7 Rumors Take Up a Whole New Level – Sources state that iPhone 7 Might Have Two Primary Cameras


The iPhone 7 discussions have ensued everywhere. People all over the world have become extra inquisitive for the iPhone 7 and its features.

While most of them would give you misleading information, there are certain websites that will not really give you wrong information.

Since you would not know which websites to follow, we will help you round up these pieces of information for the iPhone 7 and will tell you which ones are very correct.

To start with, the iPhone 7 might not be a thick device like the iPhone 6S. The phone will of course be made of the aluminum series 7000 or higher so that it does not crack or break like the iPhone 6 had shown bendgate problems.

The corners of the phone are rounded and it makes a great impression on the users, there are also other special features that will make the phone better than before.

It might be more than a year and a half before the iPhone 7 has been expected to be seen, but the rumors also point at the possible fact that the iPhone 7 may come with a couple of cameras at the back of the device.

This has been estimated by famous Apple analyst, Ming Chi Kuo. Kuo says that this rear camera arrangement might not really be a method to take two pictures at the same time, but to combine the images taken by the two cameras and combine them together into one proper image.

The zoom capabilities might be improved, but the image quality would be enhanced even if the field of view is narrowed.

It appears like there could be two versions of the iPhone 7. Instead of a plus version, one could expect the two devices to be categorized into single and dual camera versions.

This would make the device stand out from the rest. This might also make the devices a bit more expensive.

The slimmer design as  a result of the lightening port headphone jack still remains as a possibility and the possible launch of the wireless headsets for the device have further confirmed the fact.