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iPhone 7 – The Future Goes Wireless


Apple has been a company which has been around the markets of technology since quite a long time. The company has been coming out with a large number of devices which have managed to change the way things work.

The company was led by a genius who changed the way we perceived ‘product design’ to be, and that man was, as you might have correctly guessed already, Steve Jobs! The genius of Steve Jobs was visible in the fact that he elevated ordinary things to a greater level! A music player became an iPod and a mobile became an iPhone! Not to mention that the iPad was in itself the first of its kind device and an absolute stroke of genius.

With him passing away, Apple still works on his footsteps, and he had a firm belief that the future is all about wireless technologies. With the iPhone 7 coming out, we can see the company working on hi guidelines –

Wireless Music

The latest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 7 which is expected to come out in the month of September, is expected to release with wireless music. This has been the talk of the town that Apple is deciding to ‘kill’ the 3.5mm jack and that they intend to do it because they plan to slim down the device by 1mm. Apple intends at releasing wireless earpods as well, which will be the future of music.

These wireless earpods will be able to play Hi-Res music, and will also give apple an edge in the business as the company can charge them separately. It is also expected that users can connect earphones with the lightning port as well.

Wireless Charging

Another technology that the company is going towards is the concept of wireless charging. While wireless charging, and according to several rumours the iPhone 7 is indeed expected to feature it, but there have been conflicting reports which claim that Apple intends at coming out with a wireless charger in 2017, which it might release with the iPhone 7s series of devices.

However reports also claim that the company aims at releasing a wireless charger which can charge multiple Apple devices at the same time!

There are many other improvements that are expected to be a part of the new iPhone such as a thinner design, as well as a larger storage (reports claiming upto 256GB). For more updates, stay tuned with us at News4C!

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