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iPhone 7 to be Released with Bluetooth Headset



iPhone 7 has significant chances to reach the market without a 3.5mm stereo output, a pretext for the company to introduce a revolutionary headset.

After the iPhone 6 and 6S, Apple must come this fall on the market with the new iPhone 7. It has become a habit in the past years that rumors about the new smartphone begin to circulate online long before the actual launch of the phone. The sad part for the American company is that most of the rumors are proven to be true. This trend has been confirmed over the past few years, when we already know that Apple will announce two different sized iPhones at the launch of the iPhone 6.

With the iPhone 7, chances are very high that Apple will abandon the classical stereo output and provide you with two options for connecting headphones to the phone, either Bluetooth, or Lightning port. The first headphones with Lightning connector are already on the market, but in the package of the new iPhone, Apple might include a new type of Earpods with a brand new plug.

At the same time, as it has happened a few years ago, Apple might announce, together with the iPhone 7, a more special Bluetooth headset. The latter will operate not only without being physically connected to the phone, but the earbuds will not even have a wire between them. It will be so compact that it will not even include a charging port. Instead, they will be delivered with a special housing for transportation and with a battery included, through which they can be charged both at home and away.

Taking into account the acquisition of Beats last year, it is more obvious than ever that Apple has the resources to make a difference when it comes to iPhone headphones. Unfortunately, if the 200,000 people who signed the online petition are not wrong, the decision to abandon the standard stereo port might not please a big share of its users.