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iPhone 7 To Hit the Markets Soon


Right from the beginning, Apple has been a company which has chased success and perfection.

With innovation being their main objective, Apple has been ruling the hardware markets in the recent years.

With their trademark smartphones, Apple has been on top of the tree leaving behind the likes of Samsung, Microsoft, etc. and yet again the company is looking to make 2016 their personal year by releasing iPhone 5SE in the 5- inch smartphone market, iPad Air 3 adding to their tablet franchise and quite possibly the Apple Watch 2, also the company is looking to enter the new market with Apple VR.

Looking at their main trademark iPhone flagship, Apple  is looking to launch its addition in the iPhone family the iPhone 7 as early as September this year! Following are the features which Apple is looking to include in iPhone 7:

  1. Wireless Audio:

Apple is looking to get rid of its 3.5 mm jack. In the upcoming smartphone by Apple, the company has joined hands with Beats to manufacture wireless audio buds.

These revolutionary EarPods will come in different sizes and shapes as to suit every kind of ear. The users who still want to listen through wired headphones will be able to do so by plugging the chords in the lighting port.

  1. Self Healing:

This new feature will allow the iPhone 7 to go into a self diagnostic mode and figure out problems if there are any. This feature would get activated when the smartphone is inactive for a long time.

It is said that the smartphone will be able to heal itself as well and fix problems such as, water in the phone and dead pixels will be fixed by the smartphone itself!

  1. Dual Cameras:

Apple is known for the quality camera provided in its range of devices. And now the company is looking to include Dual cameras in the upcoming smartphone.

One of the cameras will have the role of capturing the image as a whole and the second camera is said to focus on one particular subject.

So when we click an image via iPhone 7, we will see the subject as a standout in the image. This is something which is also expected in LG G5.

What are your thoughts on the brand new features which are being included in the upcoming iPhone 7? Comment below and let us know.