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iPhone 7 To Release In September – Know The Specs


Apple has been a name which has been around the markets of technology for the past forty years.

The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades which have helped them change the scenario of the markets.

The company is now working on the upcoming releases of the iPhone 5SE, iPad Air 3 and possibly the Apple Watch 2 and the Apple VR as well. However, the company has also been working on the lines of their mega release in the month of September – the iPhone 7.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to come out with the following features –

  1. Li-Fi Support

One of the up and coming technologies of the future, the Li-Fi support for devices has been hailed as the next big revolution. The Li Fi technology is all about using the visible spectrum of light to transmit data.

Though it is not expected to have an immediate effect on internet speeds as of now, it can have a good effect on file transfer speeds between iPhone devices. The lines of Li Fi codes have been spotted in the code of iOS 9.1

  1. Wireless Audio

Apple’s next-gen iPhone devices are expected to bid goodbye to the 3.5mm jack, in order to slim the device down by as much as 1mm.

After this, the iPhone devices are expected to feature wireless audio, and the company is expected to release wireless headsets. For those who still wish to use the wired headsets, they can now connect the headphones with their lightning port.

  1. Dual Cameras

Apple is expected to introduce dual cameras along with the device, and one of the two cameras is expected to capture the image in its entirety, while the other camera is expected to focus at a particular subject in the image, making it appear better and would make it look like it stands out. The LG G5 is also expected to come out with dual cameras.

  1. Self Healing

The device is expected to enter into a self-diagnostic mode where it will detect the problems it has and will try to fix them during periods of prolonged inactivity.

The device will ‘self-heal’ and smaller problems such as those of water in the device, and dead pixels on the screen will be resolved by the phone itself.

More details are expected to be known as the year progresses.