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iPhone 7 To Repair By Itself – Newest Features


The next iPhone may have the ability to repair certain problems by itself.

A few months ago we’ve heard that Apple wants to develop a mechanism by which some shock absorbers at the front of the phone will activate, similar to airbags, when it detects that the device is falling down. The patent shows four bumpers placed on the frame of the phone, which should intervene before the phone comes into contact with the surface that it falls on, absorbing the shock of the impact.

Also, at the end of 2014, we’ve learned that Apple has received a patent for a system that could save your phone in case of a fall. According to the patent’s description, the phone would benefit from a technology that would allow it to assess where impacts will occur and to change the phone’s center of gravity in order not to affect the most important components. As some important publications write, this will not be the only interesting features that you could save your phone in critical situations.

Another system is developed that could protect the phone from internal water leaks, making it more or less waterproof and helping Apple catch up with the current trend. It would detect water leaked through the speaker and would run a strong tone which is designed to remove water. Moreover, the Cupertino Company wants to include a technology that would deal with dead pixels and connectivity issues would over the night without requiring the phone to be brought into service.

Although Apple has obtained patents, we can not be sure that they will be implemented on the next generation of devices. The company applied for numerous patents in the past, which have not been used afterwards.


  1. I just read about this self-healing patent on another site but I’m highly skeptical that it will be able to do anything in terms of cracked glass repair. In addition to that it could display the whole repair industry like the guys working at http://www.zombietechs.com

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