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iPhone 7: Top 5 Features Which Are Expected To Be A Part Of The Latest iPhone


September of every year is one of the most exciting times, as Apple always has something special up their sleeve.

While the September is a good seven months away, the company is already gearing up for big things this year.

The iPhone 7, which is expected to release this year, is expected to be a major surprise for the world of technology, as it is expected to come out with the following, top of the line features:

  1. Li Fi Connectivity

The next generation Apple devices have a major surprise packed in them. As per various speculations, the device will support Li-Fi connectivity.

The Li-Fi functionality works on data packets being transmitted over the visible light spectrum, and is up to 100 times faster than the Wi-Fi technology. While this might not necessarily increase the speed of your internet, this will certainly give the transfer of photos and other files between iPhone 7 devices much faster.

  1. Wireless Audio

Apple is all set to bid goodbye to the 3.5mm jack with the arrival of the iPhone 7. The company is expected to remove it in order to slim down the phone by 1mm.

The future of audio is wireless, as per Apple. The company is expected to release wireless ear pods which are expected to play hi-res music as well. Those who still wish to use wired headsets can connect it via the lightning port.

  1. Self Healing

Phones are expected to get smarter, and self-aware. During periods of prolonged inactivity such as when the users are sleeping, the phone will enter itself into a ‘self diagnostic’ mode, where it will detect any problems it might be facing such as dead pixels or water in the phone, and will fix it all by itself. This is expected to be a major update for Apple devices!

  1. Dual Cameras

The iPhone 7 is all set to feature dual cameras. While one of them captures the entire image, the other camera will be focusing on a special area in the image which would look the highlight of the image.

Basically, this would ensure that the subject remains the focus of the image, and the company is all set to change the way we click images with this.

  1. Wireless Charging

This feature has been rumored ever since the iPhone 6 came out, and Apple is all set to finally introduce wireless charging in their devices with the release of the iPhone 7.