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iPhone 7 Update: Apple All Set To Bring Drastic Changes in Next iPhone Series


Apple has been one of the hottest names in the recent times. The company has been a tech giant over the last forty years, but never has it been as ferocious-a-giant as it today is.

Apple has been dominating the markets of technology as well as the markets of business in recent times, and it has indeed been doing a commendable job.

The company has changed our very perspective about things in recent times, and Apple has now been intending to come out with their gen-next device – the iPhone 7, in 2016.

While it was widely speculated that the iPhone 7 will come out in 2015, the company actually released the iPhone 6s and 6s plus, with no ‘drastic’ changes a part of the phones.

However, the 2016 devices are expected to bring in major revolutions, technologically speaking, and are expected to raise the bar higher than ever before.

Apple has been known to be an innovation-expert ever since the times of Steve Jobs, and the company has carried the trend on, with the following features expected to be a part of the new iPhone 7:

  1. Self Healing

Yes, the iPhone 7 can identify the problems the phone is facing, and can fix them too! The company has filed patents for a smart, problem identifying mechanism which helps the phone identify as well as resolve the issues the phone might be facing by itself.

Problems such as dead pixels, water in the device, and other minor issues can be solved by the phone itself, as it enters into a diagnostic and repair mode while the user sleeps.

  1. Dual Cameras

As per more information leaked via patents, the company has filed for patents featuring apple devices with dual cameras.

The dual cameras here will have two different focal lengths, giving the image a better perception of depth than ever before, as well as adding a much better image quality as well as zoom to the phone.

  1. Wireless Earpods

The company is all set to say goodbye to the 3.5mm jack, primarily because they want to strip the phone down by another 1mm. Secondarily, the 3.5mm jack technology is quite old and has been in use for a really long time.

Apple is all set to introduce earpods which connect wirelessly, or with the help of the lightning connectors.

Several other changes are expected to be a part of the new iPhone 7! Keep following us for all the latest updates.