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iPhone 7C Would Have Already Entered Production


Lately, there have been several rumors that Apple would prepare to launch a smartphone with a lower price. It would be called iPhone 7C and there are many which say that it would have already entered production.

The Cupertino Company is said to prepare for an event in March, where the launch of Apple Watch 2 is said to take place, but also launching a four inch display iPhone, called iPhone 7C or iPhone 6C (given that, in general, Apple launches its new range of phones in September and most of the times the flagship comes first, there is a chance that the new phone will bear the same number 6).

It is rumored to be very similar to the iPhone 5c in terms of performance, even if it comes with the new A9 processor, and the device will come with the Apple Pay feature. Although it is not certain, the new iPhone 6C will replace the old 5C, and will sell at a price of 449 dollars. It also means that the device will have a 1642 mAh battery, a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels of 2GB RAM and a plastic body, with the same general design as the recent iPhone 6.

According to new information, Apple would have done many tests so far and in January the mass production of the new 4 inch iPhone is about to begin to in the first quarter of the next year.