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iPhone 7s Jet-black review in US


The iPhone 7 models came out last month and as soon as they became available for pre-orders, the Jet Black variant sold out, which clearly suggests that Apple customers are interested in very glossy surfaces on their handsets. If you did not manage to get one then, there’s good news for you! The Jet Black variants are back in stock today in the US and you should probably hurry to get one.

This is pretty impressive. On one side, it’s a new color variant and this explains its appeal. We image that if you’re a long time Apple iPhones customer, you’ve probably had all the other color variants and you’re looking from something new, to change things up a bit.

On the other side, this color variant is also reportedly, very easy to scratch so, any owner would have to be more careful than usual with their device.

If you’ve decided you still want that Jet Black iPhone, you should know that iStockNow – a site that tracks in-store availability of iPhones – has posted the location of the Apple stores where you will be able to find the particular color variant. Of course, you can use the same site if you’re interested in a different color variant or model or whatever other criteria you have in mind.

Just use the site to search for the iPhone that matches your criteria and it will show you a number of locations where it’s now available. There are many locations of this sort right now all around the US and Canada so there’s a good chance you will find one near you.

When you enter your search criteria, make sure you also mention the specific Jet Black model because it’s possible that some stores won’t have both the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus and you may go somewhere and find out that they don’t have the model that you want. For example, you may be looking for the iPhone 7 Plus, but the store only has iPhone 7 on sale.

That being said, best of luck in your search for the Jet Black iPhone 7!


  1. This issue about the headphone jack is boring. Theyre bundling an adapter, just put it on the end of you headphones and thats it. Enough with the moaning.

  2. What if I, as I do a lot, want to have it charging or connected elsewhere and still be using my headphones? I understand the moaning is getting old, and I don’t complain about the decision, I’ll simply not upgrade my 6S, but the issue is there for a lot of us. It was a risky decision on their part without much gain to make up for i

  3. Well, for people who keep multiple pairs of earbuds/headphones in different places (work, house, multiple cars, etc) it matters. It also matters when you need to charge your phone but you’re already listening or watching something on your phone.

  4. You use analog connections in all of those places?
    I have a Honda Civic 2009 – seven years old now and still running great – and it has a USB connection.
    Anyway, you get a dongle in the box and for a change Apple’s made them dirt cheap, small, and inoffensive – they’re less than $10 each.

  5. how do you charge and listen to music on headphones that won’t cost me over £50?… I was serious about buying airpods but they’re £159… NO THANKS! I like the idea of going digital but come on i need to have my earphones on while my phone charges at night!

  6. The point is that there is no benefit to the customer removing the 3.5, none, zero, zip, nada. Please name one benefit not having it for the end users. Does not mean you need to use it but removing it means people with 3.5 outputs have to attach another dongle to an already dongle hell device.

    And there is no benefit streaming digital out of the device and into a headphone. Digital has to be converted to analog for speakers (and back from mics) anyway. You still have to have those DACs in the phone for its own internal mic and speakers. Adding another DAC into a cheap dongle or overcomplicating a headphone and creating break points.

    And a wired analog set of headphones will always sound better dollar for dollar then the same priced wireless playing lossess audio.

    But for Apple there are $billions of reasons to get rid of the 3.5 in licensing fees from connector and audio venders.

  7. Digital is the future and at some point it would be removed. You can control how a sound would be heard through your headphones with digital, etc. Plus Bluetooth headphones are selling for close to nothing, so this no headphone jack argument is just a complain over keeping an old ages adapter alive. Why should companies switch to USB C and why did Apple switch to a now better lightning port? People will always complain with change, but in time will come to understand.

  8. No kidding … if you’re that butt-hurt by not being able to charge your device while using the headphone jack, maybe you oughtta step into 2016 and get some BT headphones/earbuds.
    This whole sans headphone jack whining is much iDo about nothing.

  9. It really is sad that Apple did not incorperate wireless charging in the Iphone 7 to make up for the lack of a 3.5mm jack so you can charge and listen at the same time tho…

  10. 1. Bluetooth is very unreliable.
    2. Business people often need to charge their phones while having a conference call. A wired connection is preferable.

  11. There are workarounds, then, if you need to listen/talk and charge at the same time. I’ve read that dual adapters and/or dongles are available where you can plug in and charge and mount analog earbuds/headphones simultaneously.
    Just saying, and this is my personal preference, I wouldn’t pass up on what otherwise sounds/reads like a terrific upgrade due to this one feature when workarounds do exist.
    My biggest problem is that I can’t find a 7 Plus in stock ANYWHERE!

  12. Hmm … the iPhone 7 plus has a 1080p screen, but you say that a QHD screen would look better.
    At that form factor, that puts the screen resolution at 401 dpi, and my aging eyes have trouble discerning pixels at that density.
    In fact, never having had super-vision, I’ll bet even my younger self would have trouble discerning resolution of that magnitude without a jeweler’s loupe.
    And for the directionlessness of the stereo speakers – one on the bottom and one on the top – I suspect that the Apple engineers expect you to hold the iPhone in a landscape orientation for the stereo effect – this gives the speakers maximum physical separation.
    For all everyone’s grousing about a lack of physical form change, I’m picking up an iPhone 7 plus after owning a 6, and I’m not concerned. My MacBook Pro 17 Late 2011 looked almost exactly the same as my 2008, and 2010, and all it meant was that the excellent design continued to fulfill my needs, and never shouted out, “Look, this cheap bloke has last year’s model.”
    There’s only so many things you can change in a device, and change just to differentiate one year’s product from another’s is (IMHO) more for the benefit of the company’s marketing than it is for the consumer.

  13. Even my bad eyes can tell the difference with high res screens, even scaling up the fonts look crisper. Plus this is yet another iPhone without AMOLED. Now other flagships are coming with second screen overlays that are always on.

    And Apple is being left behind with regards to VR. VR is not just for gaming, even taking 360 photos and video and walking tours makes this tech incredible. Just got back from vacation and typically I tend not to take vista shots because you just cannot capture the grandeur of the moment with a small view. But with VR photos, people were blown away by them when they looked at them with the headset. You need high res for this to work as your eyes are less than inch from the screen with focus lens.

    I agree about the form factor, who cares if it looks good.

  14. So you’re saying that your eyes can natively discern dots at greater than 400 dpi resolution? I’m impressed. Most of us can’t discern more than about 300 dpi.

    As for using your phone as a ViewMaster source: the number of people using their phones for this is probably so small that it’s a statistical anomaly.
    That all the rest of us should suffer poorer battery life for that small group and for an unadvertised purpose is ludicrous.

    This is not one of those designed in features (Works great as a stereoscopic magnified source!); it’s a side-effect of the insane and pointless Android spec wars.

  15. Sorry I own a S7 Edge along with my iPhone 6S plus (waiting on 7 Plus) and the VR headset on the S7 looks like standard definition. I cannot tell any difference when watching a movie which one looks better. Even reviews from the 4K Sony phone released last year said you couldn’t tell the difference from the 6 Plus and S6. Look at display mate review of the iPhone 7 screen. Amoled is coming next year and only because it’s more battery efficient and flexible. Apple can’t just say I’m making Amoled without making sure suppliers can meet the demand you know. Amoled on HD tvs aren’t even a thing because LCD screens are just fine.

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