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iPhone 8 Leaks Confirm That The Smartphone Has Some Problems


All information available about the iPhone 8 suggests the phone will look amazing and that it will be another Apple success. Apart from this promising start, Apple does seem to have some problems connected with its newest smartphone.

MacRumors’ collaborator Ming-Chi gives further details

The source is supposedly Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s insider KGI Securities. He declared for MacRumors that the American company has troubles with the chain supply and also with design restrictions.

iPhone 8 and its design

The most recent speculations on iPhone 8’s design, suggest that the smartphone will come in fewer color variants than its predecessors. So far, the iPhone devices came in silver, gold, black, rose gold, red and jet black. On Weibo, a photo of a copper/bronze iPhone 8 has been leaked. Kuo seems to share this belief and to his mind, the colors available for the iPhone 8 will be copper/bronze (gold), silver and black. If this were to be true, the end has come for the rose gold color.

iPhone 8 features

More than two sources including Kuo have revealed the fact that the iPhone 8 will come with a fast charging option. Kuo seems to believe that a fast charging adapter will be created and that it will have an additional cost. The iPhone 8 will use USB Type-C.

iPhone 8’s problems

Kuo seems to believe that since Apple has decided to use an OLED display for the new device, this will trigger a supply deficit during its launching. According to him, limiting the iPhone 8, which is the first redesign of the iPhone in the last three generations, to only 2-4M units could mean chaos. This could threaten the Christmas period, taking into account that more than 45M iPhones were sold in 2016.