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iPhone 8 Price Leak Confirms Expensive Price Tag


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As the entire world already knows by now, Apple is scheduled to officially unveil iPhone 8 on September 12th. The reveal will take place at the newly built Steve Jobs Theater which is situated in California. Apple couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place to unveil iPhone 8 since this month marks ten years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. Now that we know when and where iPhone 8 will be unveiled, the question that remains is how much will it cost?

iPhone 8 Price Leak Ahead of Launch

Fortunately for every excited Apple fan, iPhone 8’s price has been leaked. The leak comes directly from Benjamin Geskin who is a known and reliable leakster that has a good record of predicting upcoming Apple devices and updates. Right off the bat, we need to say that iPhone 8 will cause quite a major dent in our wallets since the premium 512GB version of it will cost $1199.

While iPhone 8’s price might seem like it is way too expensive, no one should be shocked. Earlier this month, the New York Times actually claimed that one of its private sources is saying that the standard 64GB iPhone 8 model will cost $999. Last but not least, the middle of the pack 256GB iPhone 8 will be priced at $1099.

OLED Display

Considering the price that Apple is asking for its upcoming flagship devices, one would wonder if they actually deserve so much money. Surprisingly, the answer to that question is yes. These three new iPhone devices will be the first Apple-made smartphones to ship with OLED display technology which will give them an edge over its competition. Moreover, we also need to mention that iPhone 8 will be accompanied by iPhone 7S and the larger iPhone 7S Plus variant. All in all, there couldn’t be a much better time to be an Apple fan than now.