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iPhone X Plus Leaked Photos Show New Changes


Users on MacX forums have claimed to leak photos of the 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus’s screen and digitizer. The user who leaked the two photos claims that they are trial runs of these pieces of equipment, made in a LG factory in Vietnam.

What do the photos show?

The first photo shows us a digitizer part held in a person’s hand. Indeed, it looks bigger than a normal iPhone X digitizer, with the digitizer notch size to the notch’s width measurements being bigger than a normal iPhone X. Rumors have claimed that the second-generation iPhone X could have a smaller notch which entails that we should not think that the proportions of the two iPhone X’s will be the same. The digitizer in the picture also has a flex cable on the end, meant to connect to the logic board. The date code on the part states that it was made in the 46th week of 2017 (mid-November) which does not make these photos, particularly recent news. They do not invalidate the news either, as production line progress can vary.

It contains a white tray that has four assembled display/digitizer components. The size of the parts looks bigger that a normal iPhone X which could indicate that they are indeed iPhone X Plus parts. The rear design is also similar to iPhone X.

Could these photos be real?

Samsung was the sole supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X but a recent news shows that LG could become the supplier for the iPhone X Plus. This could show that the pictures, taken in a LG factory in Vietnam, are not a hoax.


Apple is set to release three new phones around September: a second-generation iPhone X with the same type of display as the first generation iPhone X, a larger “iPhone X Plus” with a 6.5-inch OLED display, and a new LCD-based model with a similar full-face display to the iPhone X.