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iPhone X2 and iPhone XI Will Be Cheaper Than You Expect


September is not that far away and rumor has it that Apple is planning to unveil not one, but two smartphones during that month. The two smartphones are known as iPhone XI and iPhone X2. They will both ship with the amazing looking bezel less design that iPhone X did, but there’s something quite special about them. They will be more affordable!

iPhone XI and iPhone X2 Affordable Prices

The two smartphones will feature 5.86-inch and 6.45-inch bezel less displays. However, the thing that makes them special is the fact that they will not be as expensive as iPhone X. First off, Apple received a lot of criticism from its fans after making iPhone X super expensive.

Although, the main reason why Apple will be able to list iPhone XI and iPhone X2 with affordable price tags is the because the cost of key components is reduced.

LCD Display and Better Price for OLED

One of the most reoccurring rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming smartphones says that one of them will ship with an LCD display. This display technology is cheaper than OLED and it will help Apple reduce the price of the said smartphone.

On the other hand, Apple also managed to secure a 10% cost reduction on OLED displays which offer better contrast ratios and color reproduction than LCD.

How Cheap Will iPhone XI and iPhone X2 Be?

While it might seem like Apple will shave $100 from the price, this is not the case. The cost of production for iPhone X is $400 and 10% means $40. Therefore, iPhone XI and iPhone X2 will not be super cheap, but a little more affordable in comparison with what iPhone X was priced at when it first came out.