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Is Apple Making A Mistake By Using The Same Display In Consecutive Models?


Analysts across the world have all predicted the fact that Apple devices that are being newly launched might all see a decline in the sales figures as compared to the previous models of the phone.

If you truly consider the choices of people, very few people will deny the fact that they are not very satisfied with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S.

With iPhone 6, there was a sale decline after people faced bendgate issues and crashing iOS system, while with iPhone 6S, there is a different problem altogether. It is too similar to the previous model.

Similarity in designs is acceptable to a normal user only to a certain extent. But after a certain point, this user would like to get something more. For him, a better processor or more RAM are not things that would actually matter.

To him, what his sees as an outer appearance is what makes sense. By repeating the same exterior design and display, the expectation of the common iPhone user is thwarted.

He does not get what he is asking for, because there is nothing special that he can see. Moreover, the iPhone 6S is thicker and at the same time a bit more expensive, so Apple, instead of giving him something pretty, actually gave him something that was not only nothing different, but also fatter at the same time.

He chose to buy the older version with a lower price tag instead. For him, there was nothing that the iPhone 6S had to offer.

Even in terms of display, there was nothing special. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S were both similar in terms of display and resolution. In fact,  the ‘plus’ size iPhones were also similar, which further put the average man off.

Here too, there was nothing special. This also included some of the other features like camera or even screen size, that did not have something very special to offer.

In order to win  back the confidence of the people the iPhone 7 will have to be built by the company with a great number of features that the users will actually fall for.

Perhaps a 4k display and a  better screen should do the job. A 16 or 20 MP camera would actually do wonders.