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Is Microsoft’s Surface Phone Ever Going To Become A Reality?


Microsoft has been a name which has been in the news off late, and the company has been coming out with many updates and upgrades which have helped the world of technology prosper. Microsoft has been in the highlights for a very long time since they released the Windows 10 OS. The company has been in the news off late because of the alleged Surface Phone rumours. It is widely expected that Microsoft will be releasing their new mobile device, the Microsoft Surface Phone in the months to follow, and a tentative date for announcement has been assumed to be the March of 2016 where most of their competitors too, show off their upcoming devices.

The Surface Phone is a very ambitious product from Microsoft which will be third in line when it comes to the surface series of devices. Microsoft initially introduced the Surface series with the Surface tablets, and they recently released the surface laptop named ‘Surface Book’.

Microsoft, with these releases is now confident on the success of the surface series and is now planning to introduce a third device, a ‘Surface Phone’. The phone is reportedly being developed under the name of ‘Juggernaut Alpha’. Microsoft is planning to release this device next year, and the rumoured specs indicate that the Surface Phone will release with 5.5 inches of screen and a minimum of 4GB of RAM. The phone is expected to release with 128GB of storage and a large, 3300mAh battery. The phone is also expected to run on a desktop class intel processor. There is no doubt on the fact that it will run on the Windows 10 OS. Screenshot_27

The surface phone will also support other high end features such as Continuum and will feature USB C port for connectivity. It is expected to be 4G LTE enabled and will likely feature a 21MP primary camera and an 8MP front facing snapper.

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