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Is Rockstar Bringing The RDR And GTA Remasters To An End?


The remasters of Red Dead Redemption as well as Grand Theft Auto IV, according to a fresh leak, have indeed been scrapped. Speculation of a remaster including both Rockstar games have been circulating for years already, with the GTA 4 remake receiving the most attention since 2021.

Announcing Grand Theft Auto’s Trilogy – Definitive Edition for consoles as well as PC at the end of last year caused the developer’s site to break for a short period of time. Soon after, many were disappointed to see that the remasters had several bugs and in-game modifications they didn’t like as well as a slew of other issues that would take some time to fix. As a result of the project’s poor reaction, many gamers today regard the GTA Trilogy to just be Rockstar’s poorest launch in recent history, and it looks as if the poor response may have had long-term ramifications.

Red Dead Redemption & Grand Theft Auto 4 remasters, according to Twitter user TezFunz2, were previously planned, but have subsequently been scrapped by an apparent Rockstar insider. There have been reports about these projects for some time and they are most likely intended as sequels to the GTA Trio. In TezFunz2’s opinion, the bad reaction to the communal remake may well have been a factor in the shelving of these initiatives.

Rockstar has never acknowledged the presence of any of these prospective reboots, but this claimed leak does fit in line with prior reports that an RDR remake will follow the GTA Trilogy in a comparable vein. GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption remakes may have been canceled since Rockstar’s initial effort did not go as planned if this is the case.