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Is UC Browser Better Than Google Chrome Or Opera?


Choosing what browser to use on your mobile device can be tricky, especially with so many great options out there. Let’s take a look at a few of them and see which one would make the best choice.

UC Browser

If you live somewhere in Europe or the United States of America, then you’re probably not familiar with UC Browser. But you should be, so let us tell you why you should choose to install UC Browser on your smartphone and/or tablet.

UC Browser is a product developed by the Alibaba Group, who also owns popular Asian e-commerce wholesale website AliExpress. If you’re a bit familiar with the international business, then you know that the big boss behind all these enterprises also happens to be the second richest man in Asia, namely Jack Ma.

Needless to say, UC Browser is very well developed due to it having considerable funding behind it. And this is visible in the way that it works. UC Browser is the fastest browser in the world because it has a revolutionary system behind it that allows for great speeds to be achieved when loading or downloading.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is also a big name in the browser world. In fact, it’s one of the top three most used and best-known browsers in the world. Due to its impeccable team of developers, Chrome is also one of the most functional browsers, and it comes in both desktop and mobile variants. Its only downside is that it runs a separate process for each tab, which makes it a bit slower when multitasking.


Opera is the oldest browser on any browser list because it has been around long before Google Chrome, UC Browser or even Mozilla Firefox. So if you’re into the old school choice, go for Opera.