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Java Update of WhatsApp for Nokia and Samsung Phones


WhatsApp for Nokia and Samsung phones that work on Java can be downloaded easily from the internet.

Of all the smartphones available in the world, most of us are now focused on Android or iOS phones.

Many are inclined towards Windows and Blackberry phones as well.

However, with all that, we have forgotten the days when a Java phone was a status symbol and you could actually show it off to your friends.

However, now these phones are among the ones forgotten.

WhatsApp, of course, has not forgotten such users. Yes, granted, that they are very less in number and that updates come very rarely, but they do.

The developers of this application have always tried their level best to put in as much effort as possible when it comes to updating their applications.

They try to keep users on different platforms on the same level of application update. For this, they keep rolling out updates every now and then.

So if you have a Java phone and would like to use WhatsApp, what would you actually do?

We are going to talk about the main features of WhatsApp for Java phones and will also tell you from where you can download the files.

The article will also cover how to install the application on your phone.

If you are the user of a Java phone, the basic features of WhatsApp would remain the same as all other phones.

You would be able to send free messages without any charges, send files like pictures and videos and also send emoticons while texting.

The best part of it is that all these will be done for free without any charges involved. The o

nly cost you would have to bear would be data charges.

WhatsApp is completely free to use for the first year.

After this, from the second year onwards, the user would have to pay at least $0.99 for one year of free usage.

Nokia phones that would be able to use this would be Nokia C2 -03, Nokia C2-00, Nokia Asha 200, Nokia Asha 306, Samsung BADA.

Now, for installation. If you want to install this application, you would need to first need to go to the browser and search for WhatsApp.jar file, which would be the installation file.

Post this, you can get your account verified by keying in the verification code.

That’s all about installing the software – once done, you are good to go.