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JBL’s Google-Powered Smart Display Called Link View Starts Shipping In September


This fall will definitely come with a lot of goodies in the bag and JBL is preparing one of them. Lenovo already launched the very first Google Smart Display.

But JBL is not wasting time and started taking preorders on its own smart display called the Link View.

This will probably be the second model that will reach the market and the company reportedly starts shipping these devices on September 3rd.

JBL’s Link View features

JBL smart display will be priced the same as Lenovo’s gadgets but it seems that it will be able to fix one of Lenovo’s downsides, the sound.

JBL is already well known as an amazing audio company so we can definitely expect the Link View to be a lot better compared to the single speaker grille on the device that Lenovo manufactured.

There’s only one downside worth mentioning regarding JBL’s device – the model is not that good looking according to some critics.

If you’re looking for a smarter device than this will definitely be it, but it will not blend that beautifully in your living room the way that Lenovo’s device does. It’s all a matter of taste in the end.

Pricing and core selling points

The Link View is selling for $250. One of the best features that this device has is definitely the function as a smart speaker but the main core selling point might be the built-in Google Assistant display.

You’ll be able to use the speaker to display the time, YouTube videos, recipes, weather and so on.

You’ll also get the cool opportunity to look up all kinds of information the same one that a Google Home would normally reveal users by voice.

LG and Sony are also currently working at their own Google-powered smart display but we don’t have any available details regarding their pricing and availability.

We’re just anxiously waiting to see what exactly JBL is preparing for this fall.